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Pinay Actress Cherish Unni On Working With Lee Seung Gi: 'He thought I was Korean at first'

Their pics are sooo cute!
pinay actress with lee seung gi in mouse k-drama
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/cherish_unni

Pinay actress Cherish Maningat (more popularly known as Cherish Unni) just posted the most adorbs photos with Korean actor Lee Seung Gi! Cherish is based in South Korea and has appeared in many dramas such as Dr. Romantic 2. In an Instagram post today, she talked about working with Seung Gi in the K-drama Mouse.

"I'm just so happy and honored to have shared a frame with such a talented person like Lee Seung Gi," Cherish wrote on IG

She also talked about a sweet moment with him on set, saying: "I still remember the first time I saw him when we were filming episodes four to seven. I was quietly waiting [in] one corner and he came. While we were on standby, he suddenly asked me if I am Korean. Maybe because I was still wearing a mask? I said no and I'm from [the] Philippines."

She added that when they were talking with actor Lee Hee Jun, who attended the same Korean university as Cherish, Seung Gi mentioned that "he thought I was Korean at first, and just acting as a foreigner!" In the show, Cherish played the role of Kim Han, a foreigner and the mother of a boy named Han Kook. In the show, they were abandoned by Han Kook's father, and their touching story was aired on television, capturing the hearts of the nation. Han Kook was then kidnapped by the serial killer terrorizing the city.

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"When we started doing the lines, #LSK [Lee Seung Gi] said he thinks there's no need to put an 'accent' to my lines anymore, yet, when he listens to me speak, he said it sounds so natural, like I normally speak that way." Awww, these interactions make us feel sooo kilig all over!

cherish unni lee seung gi
pinay actress with lee seung gi
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Cherish has also been resharing posts about her Mouse stint on IG: 

cherish unni instagram
cherish unni mouse
cherish unni kdrama
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What's the plot of Mouse

Mouse is a thriller drama centered on the question: "Would you give birth to a child knowing they were a psychopath?" In the show, humans can recognize those with unusual social behaviors even before they are born. Seung Gi plays "a rookie police officer who believes that justice should always prevail. One day, he meets a notorious psychopath killer, survives the encounter, and his life changes forever."

Mouse is available for streaming on Viu. 


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