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New To K-Pop? Here's How You Can Prepare For A Group's Comeback

Ready your feels, chingus!
 New To K-Pop? Here's How You Can Prepare For A Group's Comeback
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You may be seeing a lot of people on your timeline screaming about K-pop comebacks and you may be wondering, "Why are they screaming about how scared they are for a comeback. Isn’t it basically just a group releasing new music? Well, my dear chingusif this is your first time to be fully involved in a comeback, welcome to the hunger games of K-pop stans.

What is a comeback?

A comeback is when a K-pop group or an artist is releasing new music along with an album (it can be a full or mini one). But it has a ~different~ meaning to fans as they go craaaazy for d-day. Here are some things you should expect when your fave is having a comeback:

New concepts

You may have experienced how K-pop groups have been showing different genres of their music with the different albums they release. And a comeback only means one thing: A new concept. If a group has captured your heart with the songs they’ve released on their previous album, then you will surely enjoy this new release of tracks. The only catch is how different they will sound this time. Will they make an album that continues the soft attack they’ve been pushing to your heart? Or will they turn a new leaf and actually show a dark theme? Either way, you have to prepare your heart.


New hairstyles

Introducing new concepts also means a major change of hairstyles. Your idols who have not colored their hair will suddenly go blonde or even sport a blue hairstyle. Whatever the color is, you better get ready because...well you will never be ready for it. ;)

New music

Nothing beats getting new music from the idols that we love where they showcase once again how talented they are. These tracks will be added to our playlist and we'll be bopping and crying to them for sure. TBH, is the best part of any comeback!

Live performances

After you get attacked for weeks with all these new concept photos, hairstyles, and music, you also get to see the live performances of their new songs! This is never the same with the previous one as they always aim to show a new interpretation of their song every time they're on stage. Plus, new outfits in every music show they perform in!

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Sometimes, a looooot of K-pop groups have a comeback in a single month and multistans start panicking, LOL. Preparing for a comeback is attached with sleepless nights, crazy schedules lined up every day, and empty wallets. To help you survive a comeback, we listed some tips below just for you:

1. Set your alarms

In the K-pop world, we all have a 12 a.m KST phobia because groups usually drop concept photos and teasers on their SNS accounts at this time. Fans would wake up with hundreds of notifications because they missed out on a drop. So to prepare yourself, it’s time for you to set your alarm every day at this time (to be sure!) until the comeback date so you don’t miss out on any of the teasers.

2. Know your fandom’s goals and focus on it

Fandoms usually prepare comeback goals to show their support and well, to beat previous records. Goals vary: There's the album sales, YouTube and Spotify streams, and now the most recent addition to the list, debuting on the Billboard charts. 


Streaming may seem so simple but it's actually difficult because it varies per platform and takes a lot of effort not to be seen by these platforms as a bot. If you’re streaming on YouTube, make sure that you’re using a Premium account so it’s easier. Also, no playlists are allowed so you need to manually search for the MV.

If you’re streaming on Spotify, it’s okay to create a playlist. You can put other songs in between the new album's tracks: Make sure to skip at least twice within an hour just to ensure that you’re not on autopilot mode.

Given that it is a comeback, there would definitely be ~haters~ who will be talking nonsense about your faves. Never engage with the fan wars and instead, focus on the goal and stream your heart out.

3. Prepare a box of tissues (and maybe soundproof your room)


The new music that will be released will most definitely be a roller coaster of emotions, whatever the concept may be. So go ahead, get your tissues ready as you will for sure cry with how amazing your faves have once again found new ways to resonate with you You will also be needing to soundproof your room and tell your housemates that you are okay: You’re just going through a new album release and MV that is bound to make you scream from time to time.

4. Have a stan account

If you don’t have one yet, I beg you to please create a stan account. Your friends will for sure not understand why you’re ~*crying*~ on your FB timeline. It’s better to have people who understand you where you can scream your lungs off and talk about how amazing your faves are. Stan Twitter, my good friends, is going to be your best friend! Here, you will also see new theories on the universe of your fave idol groups and even have on-the-spot translations for their lives and lyrics.


6. Keep your stan friends close

Most of all, keep your stan friends close. They will be the ones who you will be sharing your feelings, from all the tears, screams, and laughter. Some of them may even go all out and over some stuff for you guys to celebrate the comeback together.

As mentioned, no matter how much you prepare for a comeback, once they release the album and the official MV, you will never be ready for it. But there’s no harm in trying to be as prepared as we can be right? Good luck, chingus! Let the hunger games begin!