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WATCH: Sandara Park Eats And Shops At A Filipino Market In Seoul

She apparently *loves* Mang Tomas!
Sandara Park visits Filipino market in South Korea

Hello, YouTube enthusiasts! In today’s episode, we will take a look at Sandara Park’s latest vlog—where she eats in a Filipino market in Seoul, buys her favorite goodies, and takes a *lot* of photos with her Pinoy fans!

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Our pambansang krung krung, aka Dara, visited a Filipino market in Hyehwadong, Seoul, that’s filled with tents (or smurf tents, as what Dara calls it), and is a popular place among Filipino immigrants in South Korea. It’s kinda similar to our carinderias here in the Philippines, only with mini grocery stalls where you can buy goods. If you live in Seoul and you miss our country, this market will certainly cure a *bit* of your homesickness. And just like how you would expect Pinoys to be, the local sellers there are super lively! Just watch this clip for reference:

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YouTube/Kring Kim

Dara, who was accompanied by one of her producers, started the vlog by purchasing some local Filipino food. When she saw her favorite sauce, Mang Tomas (which she calls the "national sauce" lol), Dara got super hyped, and you can hear the excitement in her voice! She proceeded to grab corned beef, and she explained how it is best cooked (with onions and peppers) and what it is best eaten with (rice, ofc)—complete with animated demonstration (same, Dara. Same). She also bought her favorite breakfast food, which is tocino. Gosh, she's literally Pinoy! LOL.

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Here’s something that will make you laugh: While Dara was busy choosing frozen goods, a local seller said to her: “Akala ko si Sandara Park.” To the seller’s surprise, she realized that she was indeed talking to the 2NE1 member, and you know, Star Circle Quest alum, which led to everyone swarming towards Dara asking for a photo! You guys, we Pinoys looooove taking photos, and it doesn’t change even if we’re overseas.

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Right after, Dara and her producer sat down to eat, and you can see Dara enjoying her plate of Pinoy spaghetti and what seems to be adobo and rice. At that time, fans were still asking for a photo with her, which left her with less time to enjoy her meal. But instead of getting annoyed, Dara was even grateful and said that Pinoys take the most photos compared to other countries, and are the most active on social media. She also mentioned that a huge chunk of her YouTube channel subscribers are Filipino fans.

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A Korean halmeoni (or lola) said to her: You can’t even eat because you’re so popular. I saw you on TV a few years ago. It’s hard to become successful like that. You’re so kind. Thank you for being so popular.” Awww!

Dara ended her vlog in a café, where she showed a gift card given by legendary K-pop idol SE7EN. She also showed a bit of her Filipino market haul (which includes packets of sinigang mix) but was cut short since her camera’s battery percentage is running low. We’re surely keeping our tabs open with her next vlog!

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Dara started her career in Philippine TV when she joined Star Circle Quest in 2004. She eventually left the Philippines and in 2009, debuted as a member of the iconic K-pop girl group, 2NE1. Aside from her YouTube channel, Dara is currently busy appearing in variety shows.

You can watch her full vlog right here:



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