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Solenn Heussaff Recalls Making The First Move In Relationship With Nico Bolzico

'That simple power move was my ticket to a happy married life.'

In two new chapters of Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico’s web series, Forever Makes Sense, the couple recalls how it all started—with Nico’s abs! They were at a club when a common friend introduced them and put Solenn’s hand on Nico’s abs.

Despite the rom-com meet cute, neither of them was looking to date, so it wasn’t until the sixth time they bumped into each other that sparks flew. Solenn writes, “I don't know what was I thinking, but the next thing I knew, I asked for his number like it's no big deal… I have always been a firm believer that women can make the first move in any relationship because why not?” Solenn says, “That simple power move was my ticket to a happy married life.”

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When she messaged him, she sent the text message “at least 10 times” (or “33 times” from Nico’s perspective, LOL!) to invite him to her birthday party. At the party, one of her best friends told her to never let go of Nico because he was a good guy.

It snowballed from there. Before they knew it, they were exclusively dating and Solenn was moving into Nico’s apartment!

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Nico’s job at the time had him moving to a new country every few months. He was supposed to move to Tanzania after his annual December trip to his home country of Argentina. But guess what? At the end of their Argentina trip, he quit his job and got an apartment with Solenn in the Philippines. “That was the first big move I did for love, for Solenn.” 

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