What You Need To Know About Song Gang, The Internet's New Crush From 'Love Alarm'

His latest drama is set for a 2019 release!
PHOTO: Netflix

Whether you've already seen the new Netflix K-drama Love Alarm or not, I think we can all agree that Song Gang (also known as Song Kang) is an actor that we would love to see more of! Here, we gathered five must-know facts about the rising star: 

1. He's definitely not in high school anymore. 

Song Gang is actually 25 years old! His birthday is on April 23, 1994. 

Song Gang as Sun-oh in 'Love Alarm' Netflix
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2. So far, Song Gang has almost 600 thousand followers on Instagram. 

We can't stop gushing at this adorbs shot: 


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3. Before starring in Love Alarm, he appeared in different dramas, music videos, and variety shows!

He had roles in the dramas The Liar And His Lover (2017), Man In The Kitchen (2017), Touch Your Heart (2019), and When The Devil Calls Your Name (2019). Song Gang is also an MC for the popular variety show Inkigayo

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For more kilig, watch him in the music videos for "Sweet Summer Night" and "Love Story"  below: 

4. Love Alarm is his first big acting role!   

In the series, Song Gang plays the role of Sun-oh, a rich and popular model who falls for Jojo (Kim So Hyun). In an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan Philippines, Song Gang revealed that he actually auditioned for the role of Sun-oh, beating 900 models, K-pop idols, and rookie actors! 

Song Gang in the first episode of 'Love Alarm' Netflix
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5. We'll see him in another drama VERY SOON. 

Song Gang will be starring in Sweet Home, a drama based on the webtoon of the same name. The drama will revolve around a bullied high school student who becomes a loner. According to the show's My Drama List description, strange supernatural things will begin to happen to him and he will try to save people who have mysteriously changed into monsters! 

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