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The Actress Who Plays Miharu In 'The Platform' Actually Has Pinoy Roots

She also joined the Spanish version of 'Americal Idol' in 2011!
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/alexandramasangkay

You've ~probably~ watched Spanish film The Platform, or El Hoyo, by now. We're sure you got more than a few super memorable quotes from it as well! But did you know that the actress who plays Miharu in the movie is actually of Filipino descent?

According to a 2014 report by GMA News, Alexandra Masangkay was born in Barcelona, Spain, but her parents were originally from Batangas, Philippines!

In 2011, she competed in the Spanish version of Americal Idol. Alexandra's previous acting projects include the musical series Dreamland (2014), war film 1898: Our Last Men In The Philippines (2016), and TV show + De 100 Mentiras (2018). This year, she starred in a movie musical called Flashdance

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Based on her IG account, it looks like Alexandra regularly visits the PH! Here she is in Puerto Prinsesa in 2017: 

And here she is lunching in Baler: 

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The Platform features a vertical "prison" with hundreds of floors. Every day, a platform filled with food descends from the top level. There's more than enough food to feed everyone if all the inmates only eat what they need. A man named Goreng (Iván Massagué) tries to make a difference, and during his time inside "The Pit," he meets a woman named Miharu who is looking for her child.  

The Platform is currently available on Netflix. Watch the trailer here: 


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