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Toni Gonzaga To Alex Gonzaga Amid 'Snubbing' Issue: 'Hayaan mo na; you know the truth'

The actress-host shows her support for her sister.

Amid claims that Alex Gonzaga snubbed Ken Chan and Rita Daniela at the airport, Toni Gonzaga showed her support for her sister on Instagram. The issue came from host and showbiz writer Lolit Solispost about Alex supposedly snubbing the GMA stars in a Mindanao airport, which Alex denied. The vlogger said they shook hands and said hi to each other, as well as to the other GMA artists present.

Yesterday, Alex reposted Toni’s IG Story, where the actress-host said, “Hayaan mo na. You know the truth. Love you!” Toni’s post included a quote: “People who know you the least will always have the most to say about you. Remember that.”

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The snubbing claim came after another airport incident involving Alex. Earlier this month, a netizen claimed that Alex cut in line while in the queue for the immigration counter, but Alex denied it and said there was no issue to begin with

Asked by a netizen why issues like the snubbing allegation surround her, Alex replied in the comments section of Lolit’s post, “Siguro kasi loud ang image ko and humor, that’s why people can make up stories about me na puwede kang maniwala. It’s okay. My real friends and family know who I am.” 

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