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Was Wil Dasovich Just Casually Hanging Out With Carla Humphries In LA?

Just a coincidence? Alodia posted pics with her rumored new BF recently.
Carla Humphries and Wil Dasovich together in LA
PHOTO: Instagram/wil_dasovich

Wil Dasovich just posted a photo with Carla Humphries and netizens are curious if there could be a romance brewing between the two.

The vlogger shared a pic with the actress at the Urban Lights attraction in LA.

"Backyard tourists," Wil captioned his upload, tagging Carla.

Carla Humphries and Wil Dasovich enjoy the Urban Lights attraction in LA

Wil also shared an IG Story of Carla where he revealed just how crowded the place was.

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"You have to come here at like 5:00 a.m?" Wil asked Carla. "How do you get a photo without people here? What's the hack? How do influencers do this?"

"This is why I've never done it before," Carla replied, causing Wil to laugh.

Wil Dasovich and Carla Humphries in LA

Actress and content creator Bianca King couldn't help but react to the post.

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"Is there something here?" she commented.

Bianca King reacts to photo of Carla Humphries and Wil Dasovich together in LA

Netizens also shared their own reactions.

"Rooting for #WilMadz," one said.

"'Di papatalo ahahahaha #labanwil" another netizen said.

Netizens react to photo of Carla Humphries and Wil Dasovich together in LA
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It was only a few days ago when Wil's ex-girlfriend, cosplayer and gamer Alodia Gosiengfiao, shared a photo with her rumored new BF, businessman Christopher Quimbo.

It was in November 2021 when Alodia confirmed that she and Wil had splitWhile the two celebs did not explain why, they even had a playful exchange on Facebook via witty posts and captions.

Carla, meanwhile, moved to LA right before the pandemic to try to break into the Hollywood scene. These days, she goes by her real name, Madeleine Humphries

Carla and Wil may have hung out and posted about it, but the two have been friends for years already. In fact, Carla has made several appearances in Wil's past vlogs. Could there be something more between the two now that Wil's single again?

Carla Humphies in one of Wil Dasovich's vlogs in 2017
YouTube/Wil Dasovich
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Wil Dasovich and Carla Humphries together in a vlogYouTube/Wil Dasovich


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