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5 Easy Ways To Eat Healthier

It all starts with what goes into your dishes and meals.

Trying to go the healthy route? You don't have to banish all kinds of desserts from your life but you can start with baby steps (we have easy-to-do tips!):

1. Watch your sides.

White rice is tempting, but try to expand your culinary horizons. If you're craving for a satisfying carb to go with your meat, why not try baked potato (easy on the toppings!) or baked kamote?

2. Bake instead of fry!

Love cooking fried chicken at home or just eating it (if you can't cook)? Instead of having it deep-fried, have it baked instead. Dredge your chicken in breadcrumbs and spray with olive oil. Bake in the oven at 425°F to 450°F until crispy. You'll get the same fried chicken flavor with less calories.

3. Choose olive oil over butter. 

Swap bad fat for good fat by replacing butter with olive oil. Butter has seven times more saturated fat than olive oil, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to replace your butter with olive oil once in a while.

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4. Go for banana pancakes. 

A yummy way to get your protein is by eating banana pancakes! Make the batter by mixing together ripe bananas, eggs, and baking powder. Cook as you would regular pancake batter.

5. Load up on chili peppers. 

Chili peppers are the perfect kick your body needs to boost its metabolic burn. Load up on the spices to burn more calories.

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