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Doing Viral Social Media Challenges Can Actually Be Good For You During Quarantine

Embrace your inner TikToker, girl.
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At the start of the ECQ, I couldn't go through Instagram Stories without seeing some version of a viral TikTok challenge. We're almost two months into the lockdown, and this still rings true. Indeed, people are at home, and they're bored. 

While others may scoff at this very modern coping mechanism, there are actually benefits to being a part of something big on social media. 

First, attempting to participate in a viral social media challenge gets you to stand up and move around. If it's a dance challenge, learning the choreography can be a workout. And a sweat sesh releases chemicals in your body that can vastly improve your mood. 

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Apart from that, this global pandemic has us practicing physical distancing. And while it's the easiest way to keep everyone safe (including yourself), there's no denying that it can get pretty lonely. Therapist Heidi McBain told Bustle, "Digital communities can be a great way to help our mental health and keep us connected to others." In fact, one study from 2016 found that sharing images on social can make people feel less alone. 

McBain explained, "The humor that's on social media can also help us all feel a little more emotionally connected to one another and a little less like we're living on our own private islands."

We're all just doing the best we can, so if what you need to get you through the day is TikTok, then you do you. 

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