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Turn That 'Say So' TikTok Trend Into A Full-Body Workout

We got to keep you focused. ;)
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Even if you don't have an account (yet), there's a big chance you've heard of TikTok. And if it doesn't sound familiar, I guarantee you're following at least one person on Instagram who's turned into a TikToker since we've all been staying at home. 

One of the most common dances I've seen is "Say So" by Doja Cat, which is featured in her album Hot Pink. It went viral on TikTok thanks to user Haley Sharpe. Impressed, Doja Cat invited Haley to be a part of the official music video (3:28):

If you're ready to start your TikTok career, here's a step-by-step tutorial of the viral dance:

For all the dancers out there, here's a fun alternative created by choreographer MYLEE. Even beginners can groove to this easy exercise:

But if you're just a fan of the song and want an effective ab workout at home, this one's for you: 



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