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Are You Feeling Oddly Calm During Quarantine?

It's a perfectly valid reaction.
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In the time of COVID-19, emotions are running high, and people are dealing with this pandemic differently. There are those who are experiencing anxiety, fear, and loneliness—which can sometimes lead to randomly bursting into tears. But what if, in the current state our world is in, you've actually been feeling okay? You're certainly not happy, but you're also not devastated. What does that mean?

The truth is, there's no *one* correct way of reacting to the coronavirus—especially because we aren't wired the same. We feel what we feel, and that's normal. According to clinical psychologist Dr. Gregory Nawalanic M.D., our feelings about the disease can probably change over time. He told Bustle, "The folks who initially panicked trend toward a calmer space of acceptance, in the same way that those who initially dismissed the potential impact will trend toward activated understanding."

It's also possible that there are introverts who may be more accepting of the protocols in place for the community. Physical distancing, for example, might be easier to understand if isolation is something they already found calming before the virus. It's important to note that this isn't true for all introverts. As someone who identifies as one, I can tell you that I've been missing human interaction more than I thought I would, and I haven't been consistently calm throughout the lockdown. 

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However, I am in a better mental state now compared to the first two weeks of quarantine, so there's something to be said about how my emotions changed. If you're *too* calm naman, there's a possibility that you're repressing your emotions. And that's manifesting into other problems like lack of sleep, mood swings, and such. In which case, we suggest reaching out to someone you trust for support. 

We'll get through this together, guys. 


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