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5 Reasons Why Tampons Are The *Best* Invention Ever

It feels a lot cooler down there.

Are you afraid of using tampons? Don’t worry Cosmo girls, you are not alone. If you think about it, sticking a tube of cotton up your vag doesn’t sound very appealing.

But trust us, it’s really not bad at all.

Despite what you may have heard from your mothers or lolas, using tampons does not hurt or “devirginize” you. Your hymen is elastic and will stretch in various instances totally unrelated to intercourse, like playing sports or tampon insertion. 

Here are five reasons why ditching pads for tampons is the BEST:

  1. They are super comfortable.

    Unlike sanitary napkins, tampons are designed to fit perfectly in the vaginal canal, so you won’t feel them once they're inserted properly. The perks: You can rock that bodycon dress without wearing granny panties.

  2. They are more hygienic.

    The tampon absorbs your blood immediately from the inside, so you don’t have to worry about it getting all over the outer part of your vagina. Less blood, less mess. But we suggest you wear a panty liner just in case it leaks—which shouldn't happen if you use the correct type of absorbency (like pads, there are tampons for light and heavy days) and you change every 4 hours.

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  3. You can run around and be active.

    Having your period usually limits physical activity, so it really helps when you feel like you don't have it. Wearing tampons will make you feel less paranoid about leaking. And it's a total lifesaver when you get your period during that beach trip. 

  4. It feels a lot cooler down there.

    After switching to tampons, sanitary napkins will feel like diapers to you. The extra padding stops the circulation of air in that area, causing a musty, "period smell." Ew.

  5. They are less bulky to carry around.

    Tampons are compact and slim, and you can even fit them in your clutch.

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