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Find Out What Eating 40 Teaspoons Of Sugar Daily Can Do To You

It's not good AT ALL.

Added sugars are the sugars to watch out for, according to Aaron E. Carroll, a professor of pediatrics and who's penned a piece on sugar vs. artificial sweetener for The New York Times. They're the cause of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and weight gain. Where are they found? Soda, of course. Food products marketed as healthy, like yogurt, energy bars, and whole-grain bread, apparently have high levels of sugars added to them too.

A new movie-documentary called That Sugar Film finds that around 80 percent of all supermarket foods have added sugar, so it seeks to give us consumers a clear idea and picture of their dangers to our health. It stars Australian actor-director Damon Gameau who gave up his normal (and pretty healthy) diet of fresh food for two months of a diet containing 40 teaspoons of sugar daily (men can only have nine a day, while women six teaspoons a day). The twist is that Damon avoided the usual and obvious suspects: soda, ice cream, candy. He instead ate what other dieters and weight-watchers eat like low-fat yogurt, fruit juice, granola bars, and cereal. (In case you still didn't know, these are loaded with added sugars so that they'd taste good.)

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The result? Damon's increasing waistline. More seriously, he put on three kilograms in just 12 days and developed fatty liver disease after only 18 days. At the end of those two months, he put on a total of 8.5 kilos, developed pre-type 2 diabetes and heart disease risks. He had extra 10 centimeters of dangerous visceral belly fat.

Here's the trailer of the documentary! It looks like a must-see especially with the stuff we're eating today.

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