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If You're A Sucker For 'All-Natural' Food Labels, You Have Been Fooled

Because seriously, what IS natural? The FDA doesn't know either.

A lot of food products are marketed to be "all natural," and for some reason a great number of us have come to think those foods are healthy and more beneficial to our bodies. Nope! Not the case IRL.

The US Food and Drug Authority wrote on its website that "From a food-science perspective, it is difficult to define a food product that is 'natural' because the food has probably been processed and is no longer the product of the earth." In other words "natural" practically means nothing because things are added to the food. What more the FDA doesn't seem to see any particular health benefits that go along with it.

But the agency doesn't object to the use of the word "natural" if the product doesn't have added color and artificial flavoring. That's pretty much its current regulation, which some people find is lacking because they want FDA to take into consideration the manufacturing of a food product, that is, if the food were grown with pesticides, were pasteurized, and so on.


While the FDA is asking the public to "provide information and comments on the use of this term," in the meantime let's not go wild for the meaningless "all natural." And if one day the FDA does say that a pasteurized product is NOT natural, don't be stupid and fall for the "food should be natural" craze by buying raw milk and cheese. Certain manufacturing methods like pasteurization, which reduces whatever that can cause disease, is actually GOOD for you. You wouldn't want to get ill and hospitalized, do you?

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