What Happens To Your Body When You Don't Wash Your Sheets Every Week

You'll never sleep soundly again.
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Despite the fact that you probably don't spend as much time in your bed as you'd like toALL THE TIMEyour sheets are basically a breeding ground of bacteria. And even those who wash their sheets regularly can't escape the horrors.

Thanks to beds often doubling up as offices and places to eat, your mattress can play host to everything from fungi and bacteria to skin, poo, and vaginal juice. And each day you leave your sheets is another day for the bacteria to grow.

Lisa Ackerley, hygiene doctor and Dettol expert, spoke to the Daily Mail about the risks of not keeping your bed clean:

"Depending upon what your bed is used for, and also how clean you are when you get in it (and indeed whether you wear nightwear) your bed can get pretty filthy and may actually be causing your body harm."Think of all the things you do in bed. Apart from being the place where we go to sleep, it can double up as the home office, the tea room, the dining table or even your dog or cat's bed."

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Athlete's foot, yeast infections, viruses, and dust mites can all build up in unclean beds and cause health problems if left unchecked.

So, what can you do to keep germs to a minimum? Dr. Ackerley recommends vacuuming your whole bedroom and the mattress to remove dust. She also suggests sending your duvets and pillows to be cleaned regularly. Bed sheets should be washed at least once a week, at 60°C or higheranything less than every two weeks is a big no. She also suggests changing your nightwear every two to three nights.

Brb, just going to factor in new bedsheets to my weekly budget...

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