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Is Drinking Less Coffee One Of Your Goals This Year? Take Note Of These Tips!

Do it for your health!
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“Kape! Pahingi ng kape!”—a mood that you probably experience EVERY. SINGLE. FREAKING. DAY. 

Caffeine is an essential when surviving your day-to-day ~*adult*~ life. But did you know that there’s such a thing as caffeine addiction? Dr. Robert Graham told Refinery29, that caffeine “has the power to change your brain chemicals, especially dopamine, which can boost alertness and concentration.”

However, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. If you consume too much caffeine, you may experience the following symptoms: insomnia, anxiety, acid reflux, and irregular heartbeats. Although, it’s still worth noting that everybody metabolizes caffeine at different rates, so what might be too much for you might not be too much for everyone else.

But if you’ve decided to finally try and quit caffeine, here’s what you can do:

Start slow

If you’re thinking about quitting cold turkey, please
don’t do it! Suddenly cutting off your caffeine supply can lead to withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, and focus issues.


Instead, do it gradually. Let’s say you drink three cups of coffee a day. For the first week, cut down your intake to just two and a half cups. On week two, limit it to less than two cups. Do this until you can survive not drinking any coffee at all—this way your body is more used to it and you won’t experience those dreadful withdrawal effects. 

Sip some tea

Really need an energy-boosting beverage in your system? Try some tea. It gives the same buzz but it has less caffeine content. It’s really easy to get into the whole ~*fancy tea-drinking habit*~, you just need to find a flavor that you’ll like. 

Start your day strong

The main reason why you start your day with a cup of joe is because you’re low on energy. But you know what else can give you an energy boost? A fun morning workout! Go for a run, do some jumping jacks, lift a couple of weightswhatever it may be, just get your blood pumping! You won’t reach for that cup of coffee, for sure. 

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Make sure to get a good night’s sleep

When you’re
puyat, you don’t have the ~*will to live*~ and you’re reaching for more caffeine-infused drinks so you can survive your nine-to-five schedule. Remember: You’re supposed to sleep at least seven to eight hours every night. 

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