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Fat-Burning Moves For People Who Hate Doing Burpees

Bye bye burpees!
PHOTO: Jean Saturnino

Nobody likes burpees. That's just a fact. Even athletes hate seeing them on their training schedules. (Honestly, that's probably why personal trainers put 'em there.) But, lucky for you, we're taking a different approach! 

We reached out to Nikki Torres, our ~*favorite*~ fitness guru, to teach us some fat-burning exercises that are just as effective as burpees! The best thing about these moves is that they target all the same muscles that burpees do, but not all at once! Plus, once you find a good rhythm, it almost feels like you're dancing. ;)

For more helpful tips on how to sustain a balanced lifestyle, check out Nikki’s website called Pretty Darn Fit and follow her on Instagram.

Hair and makeup by Elaine Ganuelas.

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