8 Ways To Break A Sweat Without Realizing It

We all know sex can be quite the workout.
PHOTO: Nick Onken

1. Dance!

Whether it’s in a class or just in your bedroom, dancing requires a lot of movement. It’s a fun and easy way to get those endorphins going. A lot of gyms offer Zumba classes, but if you’re strapped for cash right now, you can always just plug your phone into a speaker and move to the groove at home.

2. Park farther, or better yet, commute.

Parking farther might seem stupid to some of you, but walking can do wonders for your body, and every little step counts! If you’re already commuting to work every day, try taking the stairs instead of the escalator. Because we’re in the Philippines and our public transportation system has a lot of work to do, sometimes it’s not really our choice. LOL! The next time the escalator breaks down, don’t feel too shitty about it. Just think of it as your mini workout for the day.

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3. Clean more.

And we’re not talking about just sweeping the floor until all the “visible” dirt is gone. Nope! Scrub those tiles, mop the floors, and wipe down your windows. And do this more than once a week. We’re pretty sure you’ll be drenched by the time you’re done.

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4. Ditch your washing machine.

Go old-school on your clothes and hand-wash them! Your arms will definitely feel the burn afterwards.

5. Play video games.

Technology is making things easier for us—you can have practically anything delivered now. But it doesn’t have to make us lazy! There are a ton of video games out there that get us moving! Most of them have motion detectors that push us to exert extra effort so our movements are registered. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your family and friends.

6. Offer to babysit. 

If you’ve ever been around children, you know they can be a handful. Unless they’re asleep, you’re always on your feet when you’re taking care of them. Toddlers rarely stay put! If you have the patience of a saint, babysitting is the perfect form of exercise for you. It keeps you alert and active.

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7. Wash your family’s car.

It’s more than just hosing it down with water. You have to scrub it section by section, top to bottom. Can you imagine how hard it is to clean those wheels? You also have to rinse it down thoroughly so the soap doesn’t stick to the paint. It’s also essential that you keep the entire car wet if you aren’t ready to wipe it down yet, to avoid leaving annoying water spots. We’re tired just thinking about it, but at least you aren’t running!

8. Have more sex.

Win-win. ;)

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