Here's A Training Plan For A First-Timer's 10K Race

Cross the finish line with least amount of effort.
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Whether you’ve already tackled a 5K or you’re hoping to cover 6.2-miles with little race experience, you won’t have to work too hard to cross the finish line with this lazy girl's 10K training plan.

The Plan

Designed by New York City-based certified running coach Elizabeth Corkum for people who can run two to three miles without dying, all it takes is three non-consecutive days per week to hit the road (or track, or treadmill) for the eight weeks leading up to your race. Instead of focusing on speed or miles (or winning), you'll gradually increasing the amount of time you spend running. (Feel free to start with a walk/run combo, then gradually transition to spend more time running as the weeks progress.)

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Pro Tips:

  • Snack smart before you pound the pavement. Eat a light snack, like a banana, Greek yogurt, or toast an hour or two before running. (Corkum says you can skip those mid-race energy gels or bites, since you won’t be running long enough to need them.)
  • Warm up before running. A few bodyweight squats and jumping jacks can get blood flowing through your muscles to reduce the risk of injury that could set your training back, according to Corkum.
  • Stretch after running. Alleviate muscle soreness before it starts with static stretches for runners—like reaching for your toes, which targets the back of the legs, and kicking your foot to your butt and holding it there, which will give your quads some sweet relief.
  • Drink up. While you’re training, drink at least eight cups of water a day. (Remember, the more you sweat, the more you need to sip to replenish your fluids.)
  • Chill on rest days. That means no cycling classes or hard workouts, Corkum says. (Netflix is 100 percent allowed—you deserve it!)
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