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5 Easy Moves To Strengthen Your Back And Improve Your Posture


Right now, everybody’s just trying to get a booty. In fact, we try to make our derrieres pop without even meaning to! The next time you’re standing in any line, notice how you’re sticking your butt out. On top of that, we tend to walk around with our chests in and after a while, sumasakit na likod natin. Good posture is something we need to constantly strive for.

To show us how to avoid more kuba problems, got in touch with Nikki Torres, a yoga teacher and the creator of the Toning + Dance Cardio Workout called NT Sweat. Nikki says, “loosening up tightened muscles in the chest area is key to reversing poor posture. This also gives the illusion of a fuller chest and a longer spine.” Also, good posture scoops the tailbone in and protects the lower back from injury.

Say goodbye to back pains!


For more helpful tips on how to sustain a balanced lifestyle, check out Nikki’s website called Pretty Darn Fit and follow her on Instagram.

Hair and makeup by Elaine Ganuelas.

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