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The One List That Will Convince You That It's Time To Try Yoga Now


1. It trains you to chill out.

Even just a few sun salutations or a five-minute seated meditation, when done consistently, yoga can do wonders for your peace of mind. Practicing yoga helps bring you into the present—where all that matters is the now and not the many exams you're worried about, or that not-good-enough grade you can't seem to shake off.

2. It's as physically challenging as you want it to be.

If you're intimidated by twisty pretzel poses, starting a yoga practice will give you the understanding that it doesn't have to be that complicated. And if you're a sporty girl looking for an intense sweat sesh, there's something that will float your boat too. Asana or yoga's physical arm fills the spectrum from super relaxed to just right to crazy tough—how you practice is your choice.

3. You don't need a lot of fluff.

All you need is a mat (or just a floor, for that matter)—no crazy equipment, expensive workout gear, or fancy footwear required. It's perfect for busy folks who can't be bothered to add more to their to-do lists.


4. Meditation and physical exercise can help stabilize your sleep patterns.

And we all know that rest can make a huge difference when it comes to your performance at school. Sufficient sleep time can help you produce better results in an hour of hassle-free homework tackling, than three hours of distracted, restless, midnight cramming. It'll leave you feeling better too.

5. You can do it anywhere.

Chances are, there's a yoga studio somewhere near you. Or if you can't be bothered to leave the house, you can turn on a video and do it right at home.

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