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14 Yoga Workout Videos On YouTube For Every Kind Of Exerciser

FYI: Bed yoga is a thing and we're bringing it to you rn.
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Anyone who says they don't like yoga hasn't tried it yet or is lying straight to your face. That's because a yoga workout can be super lazy, crazy hard, really long, or, like, five whole minutes. My point is: Errbody can dance to the beat of their own yoga flow...or something like that. So what's not to love?

I hunted down 14 other kinds of yoga Youtube videos that you can do at home no matter your vibe (but I highly recommend the bed yoga, FWIW). Scroll on through to find your new fave workout for when you just can't class today.

If you run this town (literally)

This video has everything: An instructor with a British accent, soothing beats, and a 30-minute flow focusing on your hips and hammies. Excuse me while I say "achilles" like I'm from London all day for no reason at all.

If it's your birthday


Apparently, birthday yoga is a request Yoga with Adriene's Adriene gets allllll the time. Here. For. It. Follow this 27ish-minute flow of "easy, breezy, beautiful birthday yoga." You can expect a lot of cat and cow poses, pigeon, and a few warriors. Nothing crazy. HBD, gal!

If you want a tough workout

It's about to get sweaty! This hour-long sesh is all about that core werk with boat poses, single-leg balances, and planks on planks. If you're not great at balancing, you might need a couple of blocks, just FYI.

If chakras are a thing you care about

ICYMI, chakras are energy points along your spine through the crown of your head, according to the Chopra Center. In the Hindu tradition, each point is associated with certain organs and even emotions. This 40-minute workout focuses on your root chakra, associated with security and stability. We get a little woo woo here, but getting weird is fun and Andrew Sealy's voices is kinda dreamy.

Recommended Videos

If you're new to yoga-ing

It's ya girl Adriene again (and her really, really cute pupper). This one goes out to the newbs with lots of standing poses, a few warrior poses, and lots o' stretching—all in 20 minutes.

If you just need a really good stretch

Um, hello dream plant aesthetic. During this 15-minute full-body workout, Maddie takes you through basic stretches as well as yoga poses like crescent moon pose, standing forward bend, cat and cow, and more. Get loose.

If you want more amazing sex

This 30-minute slow flow hones in on tight hips and breathing to help you chill the hell out and get some blood flowing to all those organs important for the sex. You know the ones. This class could be super awkward in person, but I'm pretty sure your computer isn't judging you.

If your neck is effed

If you're human, your neck is probably messed up at little bit. So for the next nine minutes, follow along with Yoga by Candace as she walks ya through poses that stretch your neck and shoulders out real nice and deep like. Best part: You just sit the whole time, so you can do this probably anywhere you plant your butt.


If you like yoga but also want to try other things

How cute is this lil montage with the Tone It Up girls? Anyway, you'll engage allll of your bod with poses like planks, warriors, chair poses, and a killer ab sequence to cap things off in 15 minutes. Ta-da, you done.

If you just have 10 minutes this morning

Have a long-ass day ahead of you but want to do something nice for yourself before the sh*t hits the fan? This is a good one. You'll do lots of bendy things like hip openers, downward dogs, forward folds, and sphinx pose to stretch your shoulders and back. Damn, I feel good just typing that.

If you had a really, really bad day

When your brain is one giant UGH, tap this super chill, 30-minute yoga sesh that requires zero standing or balancing. You'll stretch it out with happy baby pose, spinal twists, and finish it off with a bomb-ass shavasana.


If you're sick of basic yoga

Does holding a pose forever (ever) sound appealing to you? Don't do this. If you like to keep it moving, you'll like this 15-minute flow by Candace which quickly runs through poses including chair pose (love to hate you, chair), a bouncy goddess pose, and the warrior poses you know and love.

If you're not getting out of bed today

Yoga. In. Bed. I feel like that's the only thing I need to say to sell you on this, but if you need more details:

- All the poses are sitting or lying down.
- You'll hold each pose for a while to get extra stretchy.
- This instructor kind of sounds like Shailene Woodley (take that as you will).

If you're in the pursuit of abs

Just to mentally prepare you: You're about to do all the planks. This quick eight-minute burner will destroy your abs after your regularly scheduled workout or whenever you want to make sure your core is still there.



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