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You Glow, Girl!

Cosmo Beauty Director Agoo Bengzon says achieving that superstar glow is easy peasy.

Dear Agoo,

Any tips on how my skin can achieve that celebrity glow?

Kaye, 29

Hi Kaye!

To get that celebrity "glow," it's important to slough off dead skin cells on a weekly basis. Oftentimes, it's these dead skin cells that make our skin appear dull.

A good but gentle scrub like the Skin Brightening Exfoliator of Kiehl's will help even out your skin and reveal a brighter complexion. Also, when applying makeup, veer away from heavy, matte foundations as these will give you a flat, lifeless appearance. Use tinted moisturizers instead (I love NARS' Tinted Moisturizer!)—these provide your face with a just a hint of coverage so that your skin still looks naturally radiant.

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Another tried and tested trick is to strategically apply Étude House's Nymph Aura Volumer on areas like the brow bone, top of cheek bones, chin, and tip of your nose—this will give you that J.Lo glow in no time.

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For the body, I rely on The Body Shop's Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil—it leaves a subtle sheen on your shoulders, décolletage, and legs, and smells heavenly too!  

Love, A

You can now get advice straight from our Beauty Director, Agoo Bengzon. For your beauty inquiry, send your name, age, and question to Agoo with the subject "Beauty 101." Email  her at She'll answer one question every week!

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