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14 New Movies That Will Cheer You Up This August

When gloomy weather and personal drama bring you down, it's time to escape to the cinema! Stave off the blues by catching a feel-good flick this month.

This month is dedicated to all the girls out there feeling less-than-fab about themselves. Whether you're recovering from a breakup, pondering life after college, feeling extra stressed at work, or just plain looking for something more thrilling in your life, we've got simple tips for pulling yourself together and bouncing back even better than ever! Our first tip for fighting the blues: find some cinematic escape in the new films you can enjoy this month!

Take your pick from romantic films like One Day and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Rather than make you feel bitter, they're sure to cheer you up with their inspiring and light-hearted approaches to love (yes, you will find love again!). Watch them with your girlfriends so you can swoon together! Or, reconnect with your platonic guy friends over some action-adventures like Conan the Barbarian. You can even take time out to bond with your little siblings, nieces and nephews, or the whole family over animated films like The Smurfs.

We've also got great first date movie ideas (hint: scary films are great excuses to cuddle!) and fantasy worlds for you to escape to. With so many great films to choose from, you'll soon forget to feel bad about your sitch as you enjoy these flicks in good company.

Launch the gallery to see what films are coming out this month, and when you can expect to see them!

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