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3 Ways To Get Over Your GUILT

Got a heavy weight on your chest that's keeping you from moving on? Resolve those nega feelings with these tips.

We all have things we regret: that love interest or friendship you let slip away, or even that gym membership you never got around to using. Women lug around a lot of guilt, and it's a major stress generator.

But, why do we experience these emotional pangs? "Guilt does serve a purpose: It tells us when our behavior is inappropriate and lets us know when we're not acting in line with our values," says Joseph Ferrari, PhD, a social psychologist at DePaul University in Chicago. "But carrying it around too long is a huge energy drain."

Pull yourself out of your slump with these tips for getting over different kinds of guilt:

1. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Do you often feel like you're letting people down or not living up to your own standards? "That type of guilt indicates that your expectations for yourself are just too high," says Ferrari. "Clinicians say that if you reach 80 percent of any goal, that's a good success rate. So cut yourself some slack!"

2. Practice positive thinking.

Suffering from procrastination guilt? "Use your feelings as motivation," says Ferrari. "Acknowledge how awful it feels to stall, then picture how great it will be to complete the dreaded task."

3. Learn from the past.

"If you've offended someone, apologize and do what you can to repair the situation," Ferrari advises. "Taking responsibility for your actions dissipates guilt, especially when you vow not to make the same mistake again."

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