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6 New Daring Things To Try This Month

Go beyond your boundaries this April. Here are a few suggestions that are guaranteed to make you even more fun and fearless.

1. Single? Every week, be ballsy and chat up a hottie in an unconventional place--like while doing your grocery shopping or in line at the bookstore.

2. Make a three-month promotion plan. Start logging all the accomplishments you've made in the past year, and bump up your enthusiasm and productivity from now until promotion day. Then set up a time to talk to your boss.

3. Create your own blog. Pick one of your favorite hobbies, and begin writing about it online. People with similar interests will find you and might even start commenting on your posts.

4. Maybe you'd rather peruse the gossip rags, but one day a week, make yourself read an article you wouldn't normally engage in. Some will be boring, but others will spark new areas of interest. You'll be amazed by how much info you'll pick up over a couple months.

5. A girl who can drive stick is hot--just ask any guy. Find a pal who can go manual, and get a driving lesson.

6. Learning new things will keep you sharp. Look into foreign language or cooking classes in your area.

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