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9 Condo Must-Haves For The Cosmo Girl


1. Real dishes and wineglasses. Without an eight-piece matching set, a party that was intended to be posh can seem more like a picnic. Wineglasses also don't have to cost a lot--in fact, they shouldn't, because you'll break at least one at every fun gathering you host. Chic stemless glasses can help with that.

2. Mirrors.
Hung on any empty wall, mirrors expand your space visually. Plus, according to feng shui experts, they circulate energy in a positive way.

3. A piece of art you love.
It doesn't matter if it comes from a pricey gallery, a street fair, or your own camera; it will look great on your wall because it expresses your style. To look upscale, mat the image on thick paper with a three-inch border between the print and the frame.

4. Multipurpose tables. Nesting (or stackable) tables are great if you're short on space. When you're entertaining, spread them around the room for guests to rest drinks and snacks on. Then when the party's over, stack them back up.

5. Soft, plush towels. Turkish cotton is the best because it's so absorbent. Match your towels with your shower curtain, bath mat, and soap dish.

6. Stylish pillows. Bright, punchy pillows will add a flash of color or design to an otherwise muted room. Since they're so versatile, they're perfect for trendy girls who like to change the look of their pad without spending a bundle.

7. A dreamy bedspread. The fluffiest comforters and duvets have what's called baffle-box construction, which keeps them evenly thick and warm. Look for a cover made of Egyptian cotton with a thread count of at least 250.

8. A well-stocked home bar. So you'll always be prepared for impromptu gatherings: two bottles of booze (vodka plus a brown liquor), club soda, juice for mixing, and a few bottles of good, inexpensive wine. For white, try a pinot grigio and a South African sauvignon blanc; for reds, go with a Cotes du Rhone and a Spanish rioja.

9. A matching pair. It can be a couple of chairs, lamps, vases, whatever. A set makes your place look well-decorated because it creates symmetry, which instantly pulls a room together.

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