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9 Things Only People On Free Data Can Relate To

You're always huli sa balita.

Presenting all the things that people with free data have to endure. We hope you have a WiFi connection so you can read this.

1. The only thing worse than not getting a reply from your crush is getting a text notification that "your unlidata subscription has expired". Noooo!

2. When you're in the middle of a Snapchat convo with your bestie and she just sent you a Snap of her crush and it won't load. OMG why. You'll totally lose best friend status for sure.

3. When you're 52 weeks deep into your ex's Instagram account and you accidentally like his photo with his new girlfriend. You've been broken up for 3 years now. Of course you run out of data. Perfect timing! HOW DO I UNLIKE THIS?

4. You're always clueless when it comes to your barkada's plans. "Huh? Who said we were going out tonight?" "It's in our Whatsapp group, ano ba."

5. You're always the last to know about things. "OMG! Nadine posted a photo of her and James when they became a couple!" "Girl, it's been 10 hours since."

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6. You've gotten good at guessing what an article is about just by reading a headline. This is because your Facebook Lite won't load the images that go with the articles. Is Kylie's new lip kit color...violet? (No.)

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7. Before asking for a menu, the first thing you ask when you go to a restaurant is, "What's your WiFi password?"

8. You rely on good Samaritans who will reply to your comment with the full article text. "Ano po sabi? Free data here."

9. The best notification is "There are open WiFi connections detected. Would you like to connect?" Yaaaas!

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