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WATCH: These Aesthetic Notion Tours Will Make You Wanna Organize Your ~*Life*~

notion workspace tours
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) YouTube/Ciara Gan, YouTube/Christine Lee

If you're the type of person that *loves* planning out your life, I'm sure you've stumbled upon Notion before. ICYDK, it's an app that lets you make organized lists or "pages" for everything—may it be your classes, orgs, or even projects you're working on. The beauty of Notion lies in its ability to let you add pages other than lists, such as calendars, galleries, tables, and boards. To customize your pages, you may also add different types of media like pictures, videos, and even Spotify playlists!

While its creative control and freedom are what appeal to people to use the app in the first place, many Notion beginners consider it to be too *complicated* to follow. (I know I watched a bunch of YouTube videos before I finally settled on what worked for me, LOL!) If you're currently on the same boat as I was before, I put together a bunch of aesthetic Notion workspace set-up + tours so you can get ~ideas~ on how to customize yours. Check them out below:

Ciara Gan

Ciara's Notion workspace contains her *entire* life—from her classes, dreams and life goals, quarantine journal, and more.

how i use notion as a COLLEGE STUDENT | notion tour, note-taking + free template!

Alyanna Ross

If you're ~artsy~, you'll love Alyanna's Notion workspace. In there, she organizes all the classes she's taking, along with her many internships and YouTube videos + sponsorships.

how i use notion for work & uni! + templates

Michelle Kanemitsu

Michelle's Notion tutorial is super helpful and direct to the point!

how to use notion | notion setup tutorial + free template!

Shea Domingo

Along with her online classes, Shea also uses Notion to organize her online thrift store.


NOTION TOUR: how I plan & organize my life! (digital journal + planner set up)

Jacob Alava

If you want something more streamlined and minimalist, you'll love Jacob's Notion workspace tour.

How I ORGANIZE MY LIFE | Notion Philippines Tour + Guide (Taglish)

Gwy Saludes

If you want to use your Notion *solely* for your course and the classes you're taking, check out Gwy's walkthrough of her workspace.


Christine Lee

Christine really made sure to utilize Notion's many features and apply them to her workspace—it's totally goals!

using notion as a college student | full set-up + free template!

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