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This P399 Self-Defense Kit Is The Perfect Gift For Yourself + The Other Girls In Your Life

It will give you some peace of mind.
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Let's face it: It's difficult being a woman. It's already 2021, but with the way we face slut-shaming, victim-blaming, and misogyny on what seems like a daily basis, it may as well be the 1800s. Every day on social media, I come across girls getting shamed for their choice (and length) of clothing, why they come home late at night, among many other things. They even get *blamed* when they get raped. (WHY?)

With all of those happening and more, it's no surprise that self-defense kits have gained popularity online. But since most of them are available in the US, it's kind of a hassle to get them shipped here. However, I did find one local business that offers them. Introducing: Laureola.

Laureola offers self-defense kits that come in keychains, so you can bring them with you wherever you go. They offer three sets: Striking, Blinding, and Stunning.

What are the contents of the self-defense kits?

Striking Set

This set contains a spray bottle (for your alcohol or pepper spray), a pointed window breaker, a safety alarm that emits a loud sound of up to 120 decibels, a multipurpose card, and a time capsule (for any emergency cash or pills). They all come together in a wristlet with a cute pompom on it.

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Blinding Set

This set contains a spray bottle, a discreet key knife, a safety whistle, and pepper spray. They all come together in a wristlet with a cute pompom on it.

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Stunning Set

This set contains a spray bottle, safety whistle, flashlight that also doubles as a taser, multipurpose card knife. They all come together in a wristlet with a cute pompom on it.


How much are the self-defense kits?

All sets only cost P399.

Where can you buy the self-defense kits?

You can buy Laureola's Striking, Blinding, and Stunning Self-Defense Kits on their Shopee page. You may also find them on Instagram!

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