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Anna Cay's *Favorite* Appliance Is A Robot Vacuum (And Honestly, Same)

She named it 'Sizzy.'

Remember when Anna Cay dropped her appliance haul vlog and we all collectively started taking notes? Well, here's another must-have item to add to your growing list. Apparently, her current favorite is a life-changing robot vacuum. 

Anna affectionately named her vacuum Sizzy! In an Instagram post, she wrote, "I HAVE NEVER appliance as much as I love you! Appreciation post to 'Sizzy,' my robot vacuum-mop cleaner. In-off ko ng three days only to find out that I can't live peacefully without you."

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By the brand Xiaomi, you can get the exact same robot vacuum on Lazada, but it looks like it's currently out of stock. The robot vacuum is usually priced at P18,599. It has three functions: aspiration, mop, and scrub. The charging time is around 250 minutes (a little over four hours) and it can clean for 150 minutes or two and a half hours. So guys alam niyo na, abang-abang na diyan

I have a robot vacuum, too, because it's the kind of appliance you need when you live with six German Shepherds. Let me tell you: It saves so much cleaning time, especially if you have dogs that shed. I just turn it on and let it wander around the house while I'm working, lol, and the next thing I know, the floor is clean! 


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