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Instagram Can Help You Get That Dream Job

Get ahead of the competition!
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Social media is a powerful tool—and even the company you want to work for knows this! In fact, I applied for my current position at Cosmo because somebody tagged me in an Instagram job callout. Look how that turned out! ;)

Make a list of companies you’re interested in joining, then check if they’re on Instagram. If that company has a Social Media Manager—and they probably do—that person is in charge of making sure their page is pristine, which means everything is curated and complete.

If the company has a geotag for their office or headquarters, you can click that and see everything. And some employees don’t curate as much as a social media point person would, so the posts under the geotag might reveal more about the work culture. Are they collaborative or competitive? Do they look like they all get along, or are you staring at a bunch of bored, miserable faces? Do the employees look like they have a life outside of work?

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You can also look for trends. Based on the events they’ve held, is the company becoming more progressive? More eco-friendly? More egalitarian? At the very least, studying the trends on the company’s social media account can help you answer the question, “Why do you want to work for us?” And you won’t have to just paraphrase the paragraph on the company’s mission page. 

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But it isn't just about helping you get ahead of the competition. This also allows you to find out if you *actually* want to work there. What we often forget is that the job process is a two-way street—what you want matters just as much. 

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