7 Annoying Questions That Girls Who Love Fashion Are Already Tired Of Hearing

...and answering over and over again.
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Let’s be real. Not a lot of people would understand why a girl needs ten different pairs of white sneakers or why she would wear fur in the tropics. Fashion is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea, and those who just don’t seem to get it are naturally bound to torture you with an endless stream of questions about why you’re wearing what. To be quite honest, below are some of the questions we’re already tired of hearing:

1. "Why are you so dressed up?"

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Nope, we don’t have a date. Nope, we’re not going to a party. Fashion is just simply a part of our DNA, and last time we checked, there isn’t a law that forbids anyone from wanting to dress well and look good for no reason at all. 

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2. "How do you walk in those things?"

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These things are called heels, and yes, we can walk just fine. But thank you for your concern.

3. "Don't you feel cold in that?"

Girls who take fashion seriously usually spend about an hour just choosing an outfit, so once we step out the door, we’re no longer in the business of second-guessing ourselves. Don’t try to make us regret wearing a crop top by asking those kinds of questions. Spoiler alert: It won’t work!

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4. "Aren't you sweating in that jacket?"

We probably are, but the leather jacket isn’t going anywhere. After all, the layering completes the whole look—not that we expect you to understand, of course. (Again, those questions won’t work on us!)

5. "Don't you have a lot of those already?"

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A girl can never have enough.

6. "Are you sure that's what you're gonna wear?"

Yup. And frankly, we don’t exactly do a survey before putting an outfit together. So whether you approve of it or not, yeah, this is what it is.

7. "How much did this outfit cost you this time?"

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Darling, you really don’t wanna know.

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