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You Have To Check Out This Family-Owned Vegan Café In The South

They have vegan choco butternut doughnuts!
Aigoo cafe and choco butternut doughnuts
PHOTO: Instagram/aigoocafe

Aigoo Café is a family-owned, vegan café that hails from the South. They started selling cupcakes online in 2019, and eventually grew their business to open a full-blown café right inside their garage in 2021.

Currently, they are accepting pre-orders every Wednesday and Thursday, and are open for dine-in on Fridays and Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Take note: They have limited seating capacity so you have to book a table if you’re planning to dine in.

Aigoo Café’s doughnuts, pastries, and meals are hard to resist. They make vegan food taste so good, you’ll forget you’re eating actual plant-based dishes! If you’ve been wanting to go vegan for quite a while now, then this is your sign to try Aigoo! Best believe me–vegan or not–you will enjoy their food selection.


Here's what to order at Aigoo Café:

Choco Butternut Doughnuts

First on the list is Aigoo’s choco butternut doughnuts. I know, they resemble a famous donut store’s choco butternut offering A LOT, but Aigoo’s CBN doughnuts are 100% plant-based! This is perfect for anyone who’s trying to go vegan or cut down on sugar. Not to mention, Aigoo’s CBN donuts are irresistible because of their dense and moist texture, with an even amount of chocolate and peanut-buttery flavor. You have to try it to believe it.

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Hainanese Chicken Adlai Rice

Rice lovers, rejoice! Aside from doughnuts, Aigoo Café also serves rice bowls a.k.a. #aigoocafesnaccbowls. But this is not your ordinary cup of white rice. Aigoo wanted to stick to their healthy, plant-based brand so they came up with special rice bowls—instead of white rice, they incorporated adlai to all their meal choices. Adlai is actually a great whole grain alternative to regular white rice because it’s rich in dietary fibers and minerals.

Aigoo’s Hainanese chicken adlai rice is one of their most unique food options, with vegan "chicken" bits, kale, adlai, and a little bit of spice to it. You can also opt for add-on vegan "chicken" nuggets if you think the "chicken" bits are not enough for you, LOL!



If you’re not a fan of adlai, don’t worry because Aigoo Café also serves pasta under their #aigoocafesnaccbowls line. They have quite a few options, both new and familiar to everyone’s taste buds. Some of their pastas include:

  • Fresh tomato basil pasta
  • Creamy carbonara with "sausage"
  • Broccolini lemon pasta
  • Vegan bolognese

If you’re ordering for a celebration, you’d be happy to know that Aigoo also offers party trays perfect for family feasts.



The Aigoo churros is one of their most recent additions to the growing Aigoo menu. If you’re torn between your sweet tooth and a desire to live a healthier lifestyle, fret not because with Aigoo, you get the best of both worlds. Satisfy your churro cravings! A sugar-free option for the coating is available upon request, but the dough is 100% plant-based and sugar-free.



Birthday? Anniversary? Mother’s Day? Father’s Day? Any special occasion that needs cake? Aigoo Café is your new BFF! This local café also offers Korean-inspired minimalist cakes, which are obviously the new trend right now for any type of occasion. The Aigoo team is very accommodating, so you can send them your cake design and other requests and they’ll be happy to talk you through whether or not the design is doable. No special occasion? Not a problem! Aigoo also has four-inch bento cakes available for when you’re just craving a sweet treat. Some of their cake flavors include:

  • Red velvet
  • Chocolate craze
  • Choco butternut (yes, they have choco butternut for cakes too!)
  • Biscoff
  • Oreo cheesecake
  • Choco matcha
  • Carrot cinnamon
  • Chocolate chip cookie


Aigoo Café is located at 5 Prime Rose St. Doña Manuela Subdivision, Pamplona Tres, Las Piñas City.


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