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This Online Store Sells Street Food Kits That Will Satisfy Your Merienda Cravings

AVENIDA Pedestrian Delights Street Food Kits
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If you were someone who spent most of your time traveling to and from work before the quarantine was imposed, you probably relied on street food for sustenance, especially in between rides. Some examples of the most common ones are squid balls, fish balls, kikiam, and ice-cold gulaman—all of which seem to taste better when bought from the friendly Ates and Kuyas selling them.

Significant changes have been made to our working arrangements, however, when the lockdown was imposed. A lot of us began a WFH setup (which is a huge privilege in itself), but there are some days where we can't help but crave our commute snacks. Well, we're in luck because AVENIDA Pedestrian Delights offers street food kits so we can enjoy our fave street food in the comfort of our home. Check out their selection below:


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Soymilk, Chilled Taho, Tofu

AVENIDA offers Soyblessed Soymilk in Regular (P60/500 mL, P100, 1 liter), Capuccino (P65/500 mL, P110, 1 liter), and Chocolate (P65/500 mL, P110, 1 liter); Chilled Taho (P175/1 liter, P45/8 oz cup) that comes with arnibal and sago; and a DIY Premium Tofu Kit that comes with 500 grams of premium Chinese soft diced tofu and 250 mL of tokwa't baboy sauce for only P120.

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Sago Gulaman Kit

Their Sago Gulaman Kit comes in two sizes: Small (P200/500 mL, up to 12 servings) and Big (P350/1 liter, up to 24 servings). Both come with concentrated syrup, sago, and gulaman.

Tusok-tusok Kits

Of course, they also sell the ~staples~ of street food: Squid Ball Kits in DIY (P160) and RTE (P210), Kikiam Kits in DIY (P150) and RTE (P200), and Fish Ball Kits in DIY (P140) and RTE (P190). Each one comes with 500 grams of frozen product and two bottles of sauce (you can choose from Sweet, Sweet & Spicy, and Suka).

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Merienda Package

For the ~ultimate~ afternoon snack, go for their Merienda Package. For only P600, you get 1 DIY Squidball Kit, 1 DIY Kikiam Kit, 1 DIY Fishball Kit, and 1 small size Sago Gulaman Kit.

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Sorbelato Artisanal Ice Cream

Of course, we can't forget about ice cream! AVENIDA offers regular, special, and premium (seasonal) flavors. They have Buko, Cheese, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Melon (P500 for 1/2 gallon, P300 for 1/4 gallon); Coffee, Cookies N' Cream, Ube, and Strawberry (P600 for 1/2 gallon, P350 for 1/4 gallon); Avocado and Mango (P700 for 1/2 gallon, P400 for 1/4 gallon). 

They also sell waffle cones for P65 for a pack of 18.

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Classic Taho Kit

Warm yourself up during cold mornings with a hot cup of this childhood classic. AVENIDA's Soyblessed Classic Taho Kit comes in two sizes: Big (P300, up to eight servings) and Small (P150, up to four servings). They also offer extras like arnibal (P35) and sago (P25).

Ice Iskrambol Kit

This cold pink treat is the perfect way to cool yourself down during a hot afternoon. AVENIDA's Ice Iskrambol Kit comes in Party Size (P1,000, good for 32 to 35 servings) and Family Size (P300, good for eight servings). Each kit comes with Iskrambol syrup, mini mallows toppings, their own special milk topping, and drizzle sauce.

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