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This Café's Cute And Quirky Cakes Will Surely Brighten Your Day

Their cakes are a work of art!
Cute Customized Quirky Cakes from Baked by Trimy
PHOTO: Instagram/bakedbytrimy

I love discovering local bakeries because 1) I am obsessed with bread, cakes, and pastries, and 2) I like supporting them! My Instagram Explore page regularly keeps in the loop with new finds, so I saw a unique cake from this local café. I was smitten! (Was it destiny or IG algorithm?)

Baked by Trimy offers Korean-inspired minimalist and quirky cakes, plus pastries, bread, and sandwiches. Yep, everything this café sells is Instagrammable and would remind you of the food you saw in K-dramas.

I'm telling you, get a cute cake even if it is not your birthday—during these times, every day is worth celebrating. Here are just some of their goods that caught my attention:

Check out Baked by Trimy's cute and quirky cakes:

Is this a katsudon bowl or a cake?

OMG, there's a chirashi don cake, too!


Okay, this one is for ramen lovers.

Oh, this one is for Pinoy moms who love a "cure-all" product.


If you remember when this soap was super popular, you're probably not Gen Z. (Like me, LOL!)

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Baked by Trimy's cakes are on a pre-order basis, and as of this writing, their August slots are full, and their September is almost fully booked! A cake may cost from P800 to P2,300, depending on the size. Available flavors are vanilla, citrus vanilla, caramel, chocolate, mocha, strawberry, and ube.

Their café is located in Quezon City, and they deliver within Metro Manila. Message them on Facebook page and Instagram account to order.

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