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Aww! Bela Padilla & Her BF Norman Bay Make Gnocchi Together Through A Video Call

Norman learned this recipe from his lolo.

Earlier in July, Bela Padilla left the Philippines indefinitely, and she's been spending a lot of time in Europe—specifically Italy, where she reunited with her Swiss-Italian boyfriend Norman Bay. Apart from touring Firenze and taking road trips together, it looks like they have *one more* activity they enjoy: cooking! 

In an Instagram post, Bela shared that her boyfriend loves to cook (he makes his own pasta and bread, you guys). Because of this, they decided to make a few cooking videos, from the comfort of their respective homes, starting with a gnocchi tutorial! Btw, this is the first of their "Taste of Home" videos!

Norman learned how to make gnocchi from his grandfather: "Aside from getting fresh fish from the lake, this is the meal he made in the some point, he taught me how to do this is my 80+ grandfather teaching me how to make gnocchi." ICYDK, the main ingredient is potatoes with a little bit of flour. Fun fact: According to Norman, you'll know you did it right if they rise to the top when they're cooked.  

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First, they boiled and peeled the potatoes, then mashed them with a fork. Next, they added flour and an egg before sprinkling some salt on top. 

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Bela Padilla & Norman Bay's Taste of Home episode 1: gnocchi
YOUTUBE/Bela Padilla

The fun part: forming it into a "mass". Don't worry if it gets a little sticky or messy—that's normal!

Bela Padilla & Norman Bay's Taste of Home episode 1: making gnocchi
YOUTUBE/Bela Padilla
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Once done, they rolled it into a long rope, cut it, and used a fork to "add" the stripes to the gnocchi. Norman said that "the stripes help it to absorb the sauce more." Bela lifted her plate to show Norman her work and he said, "That's marvelous." Cuties!!

Bela Padilla & Norman Bay's Taste of Home episode 1: gnocchi cooking video
YOUTUBE/Bela Padilla
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The couple made their own sauce, too! Check out the final product:

Bela Padilla & Norman Bay's Taste of Home episode 1: gnocchi taste test
YOUTUBE/Bela Padilla

Ok, now we gotta try this recipe. 

Watch Bela Padilla & Norman Bay's complete gnocchi tutorial below:


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