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Where To Buy Cookie Cakes For An ~Unconventional~ Birthday Treat

PHOTO: (left to right) instagram/sugarhighbakeryph, instagram/overdoughsph

If there's one dessert we'd gladly eat no matter what, it's cookies. It doesn't hurt that they have a ton of varieties, too. Soft, chewy, and with assorted fillings and toppings—the possibilities are endless. If you want to elevate your ~food experience~, though, why not try them in cake form? Technically speaking, they aren't cakes, rather they are as big as one!

That said, if you or someone in your family is celebrating their birthday soon, why not go for a hefty cookie cake? Not only is it unconventional and really fun, but it will also last you for days because it's just so damn big, lol! Ready to feast? Keep on reading to find out where to order them:

  1. Ollie's Kitchen

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  2. Sugar High Desserts Bakery


  3. Overdoughs


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  4. The Flour Girl


  5. Johanna Escultura


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  7. Chili's


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