This Place Let Me Print Park Seo Joon's Face On My Milk Tea

Best P150 I ever spent.
PHOTO: whats wrong with secretary kim/tvn

There are very few celebrities whom I love more than Park Seo Joon. Most people can confirm that he's present in my daily life. In the morning, I wake up to my PSJ pillow, listening to "Good Morning" by Kassy from the Fight For My Way soundtrack. So many of my everyday must-haves—coffee tumbler, water bottle, laptop, power bank—are covered in PSJ stickers (special thanks to the people who enable my obsession). And when the day comes that I find a supplier who's willing to cover one wall in my condo with just his face, I won't hesitate. 

While walking around that new ~wing~ at SM The Block for work, I let out an intrigued "Oh?" when I saw Daiesumi Digital Cafe. Apparently, they can print your face on top of a drink—and I don't mean print your photo on a cover, I mean they will place an edible layer of the photo you send them on top of your milk tea. 

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When I inquired about this service, I found out that Daiesumi doubles as a printing station. So as far as marketing skills go, they know what they're doing, lol. I casually asked the woman behind the counter, "Ate, kailangan ba mukha ko yung ilalagay sa drink?" and the answer was no. It can be ANY. FACE. YOU. WANT.

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Sabi pa niya, "Ang dami pong nagpapalagay ng K-pop idol sa order nila! Advice ko lang po is sana hindi white yung background para mas makita."

You better believe I have a PSJ folder in my phone so I was ready with options. In the end, I went with this shot from What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?:

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whats wrong with secretary kim/tvn

I made my order through the tablet connected to their table and soon after, she asked me to send the photo through a special link. A few minutes later, I was staring at the most beautiful drink I had ever seen (it only stayed that way for a full minute because his eye started floating up, lol!). 

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I paid P150 for this drink. Milk tea lovers know that's pretty steep for a regular-sized pearl milk tea, but I have no regrets. It was a fun thing I did for myself on a particularly hectic Wednesday—all for the love of Seo Joon. 


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