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9 Pinays Share Their Go-To Midnight Snacks

Chicken nuggets? Oreos? Ramen?
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On most days, you're probably set after dinner—maybe you even treat yourself to a little dessert. But there are certainly other times when it's a little past midnight, and you feel like munching on a snack. As I was reaching for a jar of pickles one evening, I wondered what other people eat in the middle of the night. Here's what the girls in our Cosmo Mixers have to say:


"Shin Ramyun cooked with a little bit of milk." -Angel B.

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"Walang kamatayang pancit canton + egg." -Angel C. 

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Chicken nuggets

"When I'm craving something late at night, this is what saves me! I believe there are nine pieces inside & one pack is only like P94? I pop four to five pieces in the toaster for 10 to 15 mins and eat it with samyang sauce. MASARAP." -Ysa

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Peanut butter + jelly

"Peanut butter na binebenta ng mga tita plus Smuckers sugar free strawberry jam on Gardenia whole wheat bread FOREVER AND EVER AMEN!!!" -Aubrey

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Bread + cheese

"Toasted square bread with Anchor butter and Eden cheese. Yami." -Cindy


Hot chocolate

"Swiss Miss hot choco pero wala masyadong tubig so medj malapot yung texture, haha." -Lois


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Cookies + milk

"Oreo thins + milk. I know I should stop but I cannot." -Lily

"Chewy Chips Ahoy + milk!" -Mikee

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"[Specifically] from 7-11!" -Ginyn


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