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What New Ingredient Did You Start Using In The Kitchen During Quarantine?

Sesame oil, cumin, and more!
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Before the enhanced community quarantine, I was living that salt and pepper life (and mostly on eggs 'cause it was all I could make outside of canned goods). But quarantine forced me to explore all the aisles in the grocery and see what other ingredients I could be using in the kitchen.

And the answer? Granulated garlic. Simple, I know, but it's also the flavor I never get tired of. It's also much easier to use than actual garlic cloves (though I've learned to appreciate those as well). I was curious to see if our Cosmo Mixers made similar food discoveries during the ECQ. Here's what they had to say. 

  1. "Sesame oilfor fried rice, soup, stir fry, and instant banchan." -Ginyn
  2. "I have a newfound love for ginger...I used it in this chili oil for some spicy wantons!" -Angel
  3. "The discovery I had this quarantine is MAGIC SARAP. Omg, I'm a sad MSG apologist. IT'S SO GOOD IN SCRAMBLED EGGS AND FRIED RICE." -Koleen
  4. "Pizza seasoning on hotdogs and even on eggs! Cinnamon powder on pancit canton is the spice you never thought would taste well." -Sarah
  5. "Smoked paprika is my new best friend." -Meg

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  6. "I put cumin when I make hummus or if I want it to taste exotic. So far, my faves are thyme and silantro. And lemongrass removes the fishy aftertaste." -Ishi
  7. "Toyo and calamansiIt has become our go-to marinade for meat that we grill. Knorr seasons, calamansi, and siling labuyo naman as ~*sawsawan*~ for fried fish!" -Lou
  8. "My favorite ~extra~: MIRIN! It's a Japanese sweet seasoning and it's so good on fish, teriyaki sauces, and katsudon." -Trisha
  9. "Having a bottle of apple cider vinegar is one of my pantry must-haves! I drink it in the morning with water, honey, and lemon. I use it to add flavor to certain dishes, and as a rinse for my hair!" -Timmy

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  10. "Oyster sauce numbawaaaan! Fried rice, veggies, soups, etc! I also use patis to season things—makes everything taste so much better, lol!" -Retty


Answers have been edited for clarity. 

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