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You Can Make Lil' Orbits-Inspired Mini Doughnuts With Pancake Mix

Add a box of pancake mix to your shopping list!
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A box of pancake mix can be used for more than just pancakesyou can use it to make cupcakes, corn dog, banana bread, and even waffles, just to name a few. In a Facebook group called Let's Eat, PareKaye Vista-Mangahas shared another great pancake mix hack that lets you make great mini doughnuts coated in cinnamon sugar (a la Lil' Orbits!).

If you want to make these sugary mini doughnuts for merienda, here's Kaye's easy recipe that even any kitchen newbie can follow:

Photo by Kaye Vista-Mangahas


  • Maya Quick n Easy Hotcake Mix (or any hotcake mix)
  • fresh milk
  • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon or cinnamon powder
  • 1/4 cup of sugar
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  • Read the instructions of the hotcake mix on the box, replace the needed water with a smaller amount of milk. Gradually add the milk until mixture gets a very thick consistency (thicker than usual pancake batter).
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  • Kaye added 1/2 cup and 2 tablespoons of milk to the Maya Quick n' Easy Hotcake Mix instead of the 3/4 cups of water indicated on the box's instructions.
Photo by Kaye Vista-Mangahas
  • Place the batter in a piping bag. As an alternative to a piping bag, you can use a clean plastic bag or a Ziploc bag and cut a small hole in the corner.
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  • Squeeze the batter to form a small circle in a pan of hot oil. Tipid tip: Kaye did not fully submerge the mini doughnuts in oil. Instead, she made sure to at least have half of the doughnut submerged in the oil and just flip the doughnut to cook both sides.
Photo by Kaye Vista-Mangahas
  • Let it rest on a strainer to let the excess oil drip.
  • Roll the doughnuts in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.
  • Here's what the final product should look like:
Photo by Kaye Vista-Mangahas
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