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FYI, These Fruits Shouldn't Be Stored In The Fridge

Are you storing your fruits wrong?
A photo of a bunch of bananas on a wooden table.
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Are you storing your fruits in the right storage area? In fact, are you storing all your fruit in the refrigerator, thinking this is the best place to store them? 

We have bad news. You may be storing your fruits wrong. 

In fact, the best tip we can give you is to learn from your fruit vendors. What fruits do they store in the refrigerator and what fruits are left out in the open? It's not because your palengke suki doesn't have a refrigerator to keep these fruits in storage longer. It's really because some fruits aren't meant to be stored in a cold environment. On the other hand, if you grabbed the fruit from the chilled section of your supermarket or grocery, it's likely that it's best stored in the same cold conditions, too, until you're ready to consume them. 

Not all fruits benefit from the cold. Some fruits are best left on your countertop, on the table, and on a fruit platter. Here's a quick guide on the fruits that don't need to be refrigerated to stay as fresh as possible:

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1. Tomatoes 

Have you ever considered the reason why tomatoes are usually sold in the produce section with the potatoes, onions, garlic, and other vegetables? There's a reason for that—these juicy red fruits are best stored in the vegetable basket together with the potatoes and onions instead of in the chiller. Tomatoes ripen even off the vine and when stored in a cold environment, can lose its flavor and become grainy.

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2. Apples and Pears 

It's common to find apples and pears in the chiller but if you prefer eating your apples and pears cold, that's the only reason to store these in the refrigerator. The refrigerator will actually speed up the process of ripening since these fruits are enclosed.

Apples, as well as pears, are notorious for ripening other fruits and vegetables since these produce ethylene, the gas that is known as a "fruit ripening" gas. Leave these out on the table and you'll find that you'll have apples and pears that are less prone to ripening fast. Plus, apples and pears will keep longer and stay crisper on the table, too.

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3. Bananas 

When shopping for bananas, you won't find bananas in the refrigerator or chilled section of your supermarket. You'll find them hanging off a stand and that's exactly how you should be storing your bananas, too. The only reason to store bananas in the refrigerator or the freezer is when it's too ripe to pleasantly eat as is. Storing these will halt the bananas from ripening past the rotten stage, so you can use these bananas for baking purposes.

4. Melons and Cantaloupes 

Just like most summer fruits, these large and heavy melons are best stored at room temperature. The whole fruits are best stored on your table until you're ready to slice them in serving slices. Refrigerate only when the melons have been sliced to best preserve them a little longer. However, just like apples and pears, these will turn mealy if stored in the cold for too long. 

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5. Avocados 

Unless you've already turned these buttery green fruits into guacamole, avocados are best stored at room temperature. You can earn yourself a few days if stored in the refrigerator but it will lose flavor the longer it sits stored in the cold. With such a perishable fruit, it's best to buy and eat these immediately upon purchase or as soon as you've ripened these perfectly.