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6 Local Cafés In The South That You Should *Definitely* Try

Spoiler alert: One of them is a hybrid flower shop and café in one!
6 Local Cafés In The South That You Should Definitely Try
PHOTO: (left to right) Instagram/wildheartflowershop, Instagram/izu.koffee, Instagram/grouphugcafe

Cafés will *never* be a thing of the past, especially since the pandemic began. There's just something about local cafés that pique people–or should we say, a coffee connoisseur's–interest. Cafés are just the best places to be, whether you're there for coffee, a quick chat with friends, or work. Here, we've listed some of our most recommended local cafés to try in the South.

Local Cafés In The South of Metro Manila That You Should Try

Wildheart Flower Shop + Café

Address: 137 Carnival Park Street, BF Resort Drive Village, Las Pinas

This quaint café is located in BF Resort, Las Piñas. It’s a small flower shop boutique + café, and every corner is filled to the brim with beautiful dried flowers. The minute you enter their store, you can smell a mix of florals and that unique coffee aroma. Every corner deserves a spot on your Instagram feed! The concrete walls perfectly complement the pop of colors, thanks to their lovely flower arrangements.


Their café also has an assortment of beverages from classic pour-over coffee to green tea lattes. You have to try one of their bestsellers, the iced Spanish Coffee. The café also introduces new drinks every now and then, like their Rose Latte and Coffee Float that just rolled out a few weeks ago.

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Grouphug Café

Address: Unit H, Lot 1 Block 20, J.B. Tan Corner E. Kalaw Street, BF Resort Village, Las Piñas

Grouphug Café is a relatively new local café in the South. Other than serving coffee and pastries daily, they also sell acrylic and ceramic mugs, plates, and accessory holders from ALBOE.

BTW, they’re also known as a bike-friendly café! They give a 10 percent discount to bikers who swing by their place to chill and grab a cup of joe.

Other than their coffee, we suggest that you try their own version of the affogato. Order the Fist Bump if you want a double shot of espresso to go with your vanilla ice cream, or get the High Five instead if you prefer single-origin chocolate.


Izu Koffee

Address: JEE Village Center, Vatican Drive Corner, Aventine Hills Street, BF Resort Dr, Village, Las Piñas

One thing we always like to look for in coffee shops is the distinct and homey aroma of their coffee. Indeed, Izu Koffee does not disappoint. Get a whiff of their specialty coffee the moment you step inside the café. This Japanese-inspired café in the South is every minimalist’s dream come true, with its clean interiors, well-lit space, and wooden tables with a touch of black and white from chairs and paintings on the wall. 

Izu brews their specialty coffee with 100 percent Arabica beans. They offer many choices on their menu, so we suggest you go for some of their bestsellers–iced Spanish Latte and Cloud Cream Latte. They also serve freshly baked pastries like sourdough donuts, egg tarts, and croissants.


We even did a mini café tour of Izu Koffee! Check out our video below:

Izu Koffee: Aesthetic Café In BF Resort, Las Piñas | Cosmo Coffee Date

Anakula Coffee

Address: Ground floor ESJ Place, Capitoline Hills, BF Resort Village, Las Piñas City

This small café in BF Resort takes pride in their locally-sourced products. Anakula serves as a beacon of Filipino coffee here in the South, as they offer 100 percent local artisan coffee. Upon entering their store, you can immediately tell from the aroma that their beans are different from other cafés. Their specialty coffee will truly leave a coffee lover’s heart filled to the brim.

For first-timers, we suggest you try out their Iced Mestiso–an Anakula version of the classic Spanish latte. They serve their Iced Mestiso with their own blend of sweet cream. You can definitely tell it’s not your ordinary Spanish latte!


Presko Coffee

Address: #69, 1711 Saudi Arabia, Better Living, Parañaque

Dubbed as the best coffee shop in the South, Presko Coffee can be found in Better Living, Parañaque. What once was a small coffee shop next to a vegetable stand is now a big café and bistro place. You can never go wrong with Presko because they offer a variety of food and drinks. We’re telling you–they have A LOT of options to choose from!

Their place is the perfect barkada hangout place because it’s spacious and cozy. They have both indoor and al fresco dining! Swing by Presko Coffee and try some of their bestselling drinks like Spanish latte, sea salt latte, and white macadamia latte! For their bistro menu, we suggest you go for the Rib Eye Steak in Asian Fried Rice because you can never go wrong with steak!


MASA By Barefoot

Address: Unit A, 231 Aguirre Ave, BF Parañaque

Can’t go to La Union just yet? Swing by MASA By Barefoot’s Parañaque branch for now! MASA’s first branch is in La Union, but they opened up a second branch in the South due to popular demand. (Yes, they’re pretty popular!)

They have an assortment of breads and pastries that are freshly baked every day. And would you believe us if we told you that almost all bread and pastries get sold out EVERY SINGLE DAY?

Their BF Parañaque branch imitates the La Union branch in quite a few ways. It’s homey with an island vibe, all the while still staying on the minimalist side of things.

Tired of ordering the usual Spanish latte? Try their best-selling Special Latte for a change! They also offer healthy options for their pastry, like their kamote doughnut!


So, have you updated your list yet? These coffee shops are pretty near to each other, not to mention very accessible via commuting!


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