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What Hobby Can You Easily Take Up If You Need A Happy Distraction?

Apart from watching K-dramas, of course.

Quarantine has taught me many things, but my number one takeaway is that I've spent the majority of my 20s not having any hobbies. When I no longer had to commute for three to four hours a day, I had more time on my hands; but, I also realized that most of my waking hours were consumed by work!

And when I wasn't crossing off tasks on my to-do list, I was watching K-dramas. Now, there's nothing wrong with enjoying a new series—it's entertainment, after all. But what else do you spend your time on? What else brings you joy? We asked our Cosmo Mixers for the hobbies they turn to when they just need to shut off their heads for a bit and get lost in an activity. 

  1. "I've been writing in my journal again! I checked and my last entry was from January 2018, LOL! With everything that's been happening in the world, it helps to have that space where I can just let my feelings out." -Lou
    blue journal
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  2. "Got back to reading again after a few years of sadly being inconsistent. Currently reading Becoming by Michelle Obama. Started reading this a few weeks back before the racism issue escalated in the U.S." -Marian
    inside cover of the book

  3. "I took my lettering and doodling to the next level and dabbled in digital art. It has been so therapeutic for me. Also, making something beautiful (at least in my eyes,  hehe) has helped me cope with all the negativity around and grief (my ninong passed away on May 31). As they say nga, garbage in, garbage out. So I believe the opposite is also true—if I fill my thoughts with beautiful things and with positive things, then I'd be able to exude positivity also." -Bea
    digital lettering of the word
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  4. "Painting helps me clear my mind and get comfortable with mistakes. I got back to it last night after some months of hiatus. It was frustrating in the first hour, to be honest. For context, I've been drawing since I was four, painting since I was in HS. It's a little more than a hobby. My hand felt different and it actually felt physically painful. I just did some basic exercises. When I did get my groove back though, what a relief. Then suddenly, my brain is occupied by nothing else. My loud anxieties over everything quieted down—such a rare feat in this time. In the end, you get something beautiful. I mean, it's not the most meaningful or politically charged art that this country needs right now—but it was healing for me. It's what i needed. By the way, this is a fern design. It's something I draw on default." -Jasper
    painting of a blue fern design
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  5. "Learned how to do embroidery! I've only made one piece so far 'cause I have nothing else to embroider, but it's been so fun to create something pretty." -Andrea
  6. "I've taken up crocheting again, for the first time since high school. It's so therapeutic! I've crocheted a basket and am now going to make glass coasters." -Trisha
    crocheted basket
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  7. "I recently got the electric oven my mom sent me (post-birthday gift). It maybe beginner's luck, but I was able to bake vegetarian lasagna and brownies for the first time and it went well. It boosted my confidence and now I'm more than eager to bake more." -Sabrina
    baked vegetarian lasagna
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  8. "I started getting into those DIY miniature kits. It's a good way to divert your attention, especially if you're the type of person who likes to overthink." -Monina
    miniature kit of a home
  9. "I've rekindled my love for baking. It's become my way to cope with anxiety, and I look forward to the peace I get whenever the only problem I'm overthinking is, "How tf do I pull off this recipe?" Some of the cakes I've made were for special occasions when ordering cake was a hassle, like when my husband and I celebrated our 12th boyfriend-girlfriend anniversary. I've baked 17 different things pala since ECQ started. Four out of 17 were banana bread, so that's obviously my fave. My least favorite amd the most stressful one to make was apple pie (with the crust baked from scratch and I had no proper baking tools like a rolling pin then)." -Ginyn
    collage of 17 baked goods
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  10. "I used to be in Glee Club in school, but singing was something I let go of when I started working. I *kinda* started singing again during ECQ though! I say *kinda* because I do it through a mobile karaoke app called WeSing (it's kinda like Smule!). But it's fun because I get kilig when I hear the recordings and they're okay, like it takes me back to simpler and happier times (i.e., when my biggest problems were school and org). Also, ang sarap bumirit okay!!!" -Paulina


Answers have been edited for clarity. 

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