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Storage Ideas For Your Messy Condo

Creative ways to declutter your kalat.

Staircase Storage

In choosing storage solutions, think of customized, built-in options, just like interior designer Joy Ejercito. Instead of buying another cabinet, Joy added drawers and cubbyholes to the steps of her home office staircase. Inspired by Japanese kaidan-dansu or step-chests, the staircase steps keep her design plans in place. 

See more photos and view the full home here! 

Fancy Shelves

Instead of simply storing your things, think of ways to display them beautifully. In this Makati home, interior designer Anna Leah Hernandez adorned one wall with gently curving bookshelves. Aside from keeping your reading material within reach, it adds a touch of whimsy to the space, too. 

See more photos and view the full home here! 

Customized Drawers

In small homes, one has to make the most out of a limited space. Interior designer Jean Paul dela Rosa and design assistant Deedae Antonio took this advice to heart, carving out storage solutions in every corner of this 45sqm, one-bedroom condo unit. 

The wall that separates the living area and the bedroom is now lined with a row of drawers.

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