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Here's Your Horoscope For The Week Of December 9

What are the stars saying this week?

The full moon in Sagittarius makes a dent in love, romance, and all things relationships this week. Keep your heart in peak performance by listening to what the stars have to say.


Relationships come into plain view this week for you, Aries. And whatever happens between you and your partner, it all boils down to how you treat yourself. Itapon na ang martyr mentality na ‘yan! If someone’s not treating you right and your gut is begging you to wrap things up and walk away, don’t even bother with third, fourth, and fifth chances. And if you’ve been pining for someone who has never given you the light of day? Tama na, please.

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You often get caught up in the nitty-gritty, which is well and good at work, but can be the biggest buzz killer ever when it comes to your relationship. Resist the urge to keep picking on the little details that really don’t have an impact on the big picture. Sasayangin mo lang energy mo when it could be better spent looking at things long term. If you’ve been fooling yourself, thinking this fling you’re in isn’t going anywhere, it’s time to ‘fess up and admit that the feelings have grown. It’s okay. You’ll live.

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Alam mo naman when you’re not pulling your weight in your relationship, right? When your partner’s doing all the work and you’re just coasting along—in it when you’re in the mood and out of it when something (or someone else) strikes your fancy? Maging mature na tayo, please. Release the childish behavior because at the end of the day, you can’t expect a relationship to last if one person’s got one foot in and the other one out. If you can’t live up to these standards, then consider enjoying the single life first.

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Believe in the power of boundaries this week, Cancer. There are times when it’s good to be a softie (which you clearly are, there’s no sense in denying it). Now’s not it. This week, you have to rely on your hard, crabby outer shell to keep you from harm and to protect your heart from getting trampled on. If things are iffy when it comes to relationships (romantic, platonic, and otherwise), know that setting up some clear and concrete boundaries is a good thing. Stay strong, kaya mo ‘yan.

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Flirting is a two-way thing, Leo. Whether you’re communicating over Bumble, making eye contact with a stranger, or trying to hook up with someone from your past who’s showing present-day potential, the “conversation” can’t just be all about you. Watch yourself when it looks like you’re dominating the scene. Hinay-hinay. It might surprise your Leo self to find out that you’re making room for even more fireworks when you let the other person do the talking.

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You may easily view love as a beautifully kept, blissfully neat, put-together home. This week puts the highlight on your domestic goddess prowess and how you can use it to make room for romance in the home. If cooking is your thing, create a sensually pleasing dinner for your partner; or invite someone in for a home-cooked meal, and then some. It’s not the easiest thing for you to allow people a glimpse of your actual personal, private, intimate space, but things will come easy for you this week. Sulitin mo na.

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The pressure of the last couple of months (or maybe even years) is getting to you, but here’s some good news. All the chaos and turmoil has finally led up to a tipping point where you’re becoming more sure of what you want, how you want it, and when you want it. Your hugot is giving way to some huge realization about life and love that may reveal itself to you this week. Don’t back down even if your intuition’s challenging you to do something huge. Life is about to get bigger and better.

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While the entire zodiac is busy with love life this week, your stars are asking you to focus on a less romantic, but equally important aspect of your life—money. If the bottom line has been a sore spot in relationships (whether romantic or in the family), then it makes sense to dig into your Excel spreadsheets and crunch some numbers this time. Take some time to figure out budgets and breakdowns for 2020. The work isn’t sexy, but it’s a necessary evil to get to where you want to go next year.

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Mercury resides in your sign this week, giving you an extra shot of luck when it comes to getting through some rough conversations. Your generally optimistic self has been balking at the idea of having a big, important talk—enough to make you want to back out of it. Have no fear, Sag. You’ve got planetary powers in your corner this week and you can sweep through that meeting, performance review, or tayo-ba-o-hindi conversation, no problem. The stars are on your side.

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Long-term plans have been in the back of your mind for a while now, and it’s time to let them loose so you can figure things out for real. Even if you have to drag your partner to an actual sit down, pag-usapan na natin ito meeting, do it—that’s what it takes to let that relationship last. If there’s anyone who can do this, it’s you, Capricorn, so don’t shy away from the thing that you know just needs to be done. At the same time, try to soften things up; you don't need to scare your partner into submission. Chill lang.

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Why so tense, Aquarius? Know that you have the right people backing you up in whatever it is you’re going through. Let their support give you the boost you need—you don’t have to feel like you have to deal with this all by yourself. Resist the urge to pretend you’re handling things expertly and you’re keeping it together without any effort. Okay lang mahirapan. The first step in securing others’ help is to admit that you need it. You don’t have to be anyone’s superhero right now.

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Gasgas na yung friends turned lovers storyline. And yet, there’s something about it that keeps everyone kilig time and time again. If you haven’t figured out where this is going yet, then the stars are making it pretty obvious to you this week that love is right within your vicinity—you just haven’t been looking in the right places. It’s time to turn things up with that friend you kind-of-maybe-sort-of have a thing for. It’s going to be a big change, but you two can take it.

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