How To Be The Life Of Any Party

You're probably welcoming 2010 with one bash after another. Cosmo arms you with exclusive party tips to make the most of the next one you’re attending.

At every New Year's bash worth its margarita salt, there are fascinating social dynamics at work that can either impede or present hot opportunities. We mapped out how you can determine if a sexy guest is available, meet people when you're solo, or break into an A-list convo.

Singles Mecca

Food relaxes us, which is why people congregate at the buffet table or in the kitchen. It's also the best place to catch an unattached guest. To break the ice, approach the person from the side rather than head-on (an volutionary tactic to signal you're peaceful). Then, make a move by discussing a neutral object: "That appetizer looks so good. How is it?"

Hot-Guy Hub

Territorial by nature, men will stake claim to a piece of furniture, like a couch, and any electronics (computer, stereo, TV) nearby. Since joining cuties can be intimidating, wait until a couple of women have mingled in first--a posse of guys instantly becomes more gentlemanly in the presence of a chick, according to research.

The Core

Welcome to the party's nerve center--the biggest, liveliest group. Want to break in? Seek out a foursome (larger circles aren't as cohesive; trios are often reluctant to accept a new person). A great intimacy builder: Keep your drink only half full so you can say to someone you just met "I'm going to get a refill. Need anything?"

Monopolizer Corner

Steer clear of empty corners near the back of the room or you'll be a prime target for an annoying guy who wants to jabber your ear off (think Johnny Drama in Entourage). Should you fall into his clutches, angle your body toward the center of the party so he can't hold you captive betwe

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