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This Tutorial Of How To Fold A Bedsheet Quickly Is The Life Hack You Need

We're talking about that garterized sheet that's always SO HARD to fold.
PHOTO: Tiktok/@@kristinalburn

Most days, I'm pretty good at adulting. I pay my bills on time. I have some savings (though it could always be more). I've even learned how to cook beyond simply frying an egg. But something I always try to avoid is changing my bedsheets. I know—you're *supposed* to change 'em once a week. It's the hygienic thing to do. But honestly, it's just one of those things I can't make myself enjoy just yet—especially because I hate dealing with fitted sheets. You know what I'm talking about: the kind you can't perfectly fold in 10 seconds because the corners aren't flat. 

Out of curiosity, and in an effort to—you guessed it—avoid folding the sheets na kakalaba ko lang sa banyo, I turned to the Internet for some ~*wisdom*~ and moral support. 


And I found this gem, a TikTok tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet properly in 30 seconds (without wanting to pull your hair out). Take a look:

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It actually works! Lay the sheet out on a table with the elastic side facing upward. Grab the bottom corners and fold them inside out, tucking them sa loob ng top corners. Now that your sheet is folded in half, smoothen it out a bit. Take the top half and fold it down halfway. Bring the bottom half to the top, making almost like a horizontal line with your sheet. Then fold that baby until you get a square and go to sleep knowing you just excelled at one more thing today. 

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